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Software Development

SSSC has experience in developing software covering a wide range of capabilities. SSSC leverages the most talented experts to provide solutions to meet the needs of the customer.

App Development

SSSC has experience in both Android and Apple based mobile application development. SSSC has the expertise to convert custom-designed or customer-provided applications to a mobile compliant platform. SSSC leverages AWS Amplify to bring the power of AWS cloud to any device.

Software & Algorithm Development

In addition to the AI/ML, radar processing and EO/IR processing, SSSC has experience in other software and algorithm efforts.  These efforts are related to providing a capability such as a graphical user interface or developing a mobile application.

Sensor Development

SSSC conceives, designs, and develops prototype sensors for research and demonstration. Whether modifying existing sensor components in novel ways or developing a new sensor concept from the ground up, SSSC sensors demonstrate advanced capabilities for our customers’ needs.

Optical Engineering

SSSC specializes in designing innovative optical systems in the visible and infrared. From miniature imaging lenses to novel dispersive systems, SSSC designs and develops optical solutions to solve our customers' unique sensing challenges.

Research and Modeling

SSSC conducts basic and applied research to measure, model, and characterize targets and environments. SSSC scientists and researchers relentlessly pursue understanding the phenomenology of sensing, which allows SSSC to develop sensors and sensing strategies that are maximally effective but minimally complex.

Sensor Developmet
Software and algorithm developmnt
Spectral Sensing

SSSC bases all of its sensor solutions on sound scientific foundations to ensure an effective end-to-end solution. For applications that do not require an image product, SSSC has pioneered simultaneous spectral-temporal sensing, with the capacity to design and develop specialized sensors for our customers' needs.

Spectral Imaging

SSSC's origins are based in spectral imaging, and SSSC maintains a particular expertise in this discipline. SSSC specializes in spectral imaging in the EO/IR bands such as Visible (VIS) and Near Infrared (NIR) Imaging. SSSC also uses spectral imaging to exploit absorption bands, reflection bands, and transition edges in order to realize a tactical or strategic advantage, such as detecting particular constituents or discriminate material types.

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